Quack, Quack!

I bet you’re wondering, “What is that delicious looking piece of meat?” I can answer that for you, it’s duck!! This was my very first attempt at making this delectable dish, and basically my first taste of it. I can promise you that there is nothing that compares to the taste of duck, even if you try you can’t put your finger on what it reminds you of. Trust me, my entire family and Jonathan tried thinking about this but we came up with one solution, it simply tastes like duck. Some people stray away from making duck themselves because of myths about the difficulty of cooking it, but it was not an impossible feat at all!


duck recipe

I highly recommend this recipe because it provides step by step procedures for the entire meal! The blackberry sauce on the duck was literally to die for. I could have sat there for hours and dipped duck, steak, chicken, my pinky finger in it and it would still be one of the best flavors on my tongue! I recommend that you don’t skimp out on the type of bourbon for this recipe since it’s a key ingredient in the sauce. I personally used Rebellion Bourbon and I plan on using it for future recipes, that’s how good it was. My motto is, if you wouldn’t drink it by itself, why would you use it in a recipe? That goes for wine as well, don’t use a cheap wine and expect to be the next Bobby Flay because it will never produce the flavors that you want. Another suggestion I have for cooking duck is to be patient when waiting for the dark golden crust to form when cooking on the skillet. The reward is so incredibly worth it because you get a nice crispy crunch with each bite and it adds a little more to an already flavorful piece of meat.

This dish is perfect if you’re looking to treat someone special in your life because they will be blown away by it. I can guarantee that they will think you’re the next Top Chef and will be immediately thinking of what your next dish will be. Now this is where I can swoop on in and save the day; check back for more posts for the next easy but delicious recipe that will keep your loved one’s on the edge of their seats!

Greatest quote regarding the duck:

“I could eat this for days.” – Jonathan


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