“You N Me” Jason Lancaster


So today I am focusing on my sense of hearing! Be prepared to hear one of the best musicians, and to immediately fall in love with the lyrics, the chords, and the voice. Jason Lancaster whom you may know from bands like Mayday Parade or Go Radio, is an all around guy. He creates amazing music and is an inspiring person especially if you get a chance to listen to his testimony. The song that I am going to grace your ears with is called “You N Me” and it immediately makes me think of my boyfriend. If you’re dating someone or if you are just sappy at heart, you will appreciate this song and it will instantly become a catchy tune to sing your heart out to in the car or my favorite, the shower! Maybe if you have the guts, you could sing it to your partner…eh?? Anyone brave enough for that? I can admit that I only do this when the volume of the song is 20+ and he’s singing along already. His good voice kinda cancels out mine so then we’re a decent duo, and that’s kinda being generous to me! I enjoy how real the lyrics are in this song and how relatable they are. “..Or how your eyes can see the parts of me I can’t” is one of my favorite lines in the song. It is extremely true how we are our biggest critic because it’s easy to beat yourself down. It’s easy to brush aside a quality about yourself that you don’t see as desirable and chalk it up to being a good person or the norm. But when someone you genuinely care about, see’s the absolute best in you, man, I can’t think of many things better than that. When you’ve been worrying your whole life about fitting in, it makes you feel incredible when they say “I love everything about you.” I have listened to this song probably over 50 times and I promise you, it gets better each time because it makes you think about a different memory or another aspect of why you are either in love or are longing to one day find someone you’d hope to spend your life with. I’ll leave you with this, never get so accustomed to something that you forget the value of it.


If you’d like to support Jason Lancaster, you can purchase his album off of Itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/as-you-are/id874733886.

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