Hello world!

Well you may have guessed it, my name is Sarah and this is my blog!! Welcome to my little piece of the interweb where I plan on sharing recipes, travel experiences, fashion tips and basically anything that pops into my brain! So you can expect a nice recipe for eggplant parmesan but you might end up reading about my adorable puppies, which I’m sure would not be the worst thing to happen to you. I am currently a college student pursuing a degree in Psychology, with that comes dreams of helping those who need some empowerment. I have a huge heart, maybe sometimes it’s too big for my body but I would never trade the amount of care and love I have for those I interact with. I am a hopeless romantic and I have found my Romeo, so there may be some mentions about a Jonathan character…I’m proud you guessed it! That’s my man! I am obsessed with my two puppies, Bailey and Cooper, who are Golden Doodles so they are likely to be stars of this show. My intent for this blog is to share experiences with you and hope that they could make you smile, make you think and assist you in your daily life. I am not claiming to be anywhere near qualified to give advice to people, but if something I post can impact you, that would mean the world to me. Keep an eye out for my first official post of the page!


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